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About FSC

The Foothills Solstice Celebration festival was been created to provide local community gatherings of like minded people in the Foothills area of NC and our surrounding friends.


Our goal is to raise spirits and strengthen the local weirdo community in a fun, and festive atmosphere.

the foothills solstice festival is a celebration of you!

It doesn't matter if you are pagan, a witch, or just a weirdo, This event is welcome to all.
(you don't have to be weird, but it'd be cooler if you were)  

Your hosts, Miccah Duckett and Amelia Solesky, have taken over management from local pagan trailblazers because we believe north carolina deserves this tradition to continue and grow. 

This is the fourth annual event and we are ecstatic to see the generated interest we have so far. We cannot wait to celebrate another trip around the sun! 

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